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Gourmet Coffee & Tea

Gourmet Coffee BeansWe are not a “coffee shop” but rather a place to shop for coffee. We stock 10 varieties of coffee beans (plus three decaffeinated varieties) supplied by Chicago Coffee Roasters (a division of Coffee Masters). Our beans come vacuum sealed direct from Chicago and packed with flavor and freshness. When you enter the store you are greeted to the scent of freshly ground coffee as well as the scent of freshly brewed coffee available for you to sample.

Jericho J-500 GrinderWe purchased our equipment from a store that was closing after 23 years with coffee beans being a part of their products. The heart of the coffee operation is our Jericho J-500 burr grinder. Ours is labeled as Machine 93097 and we suspect that means it was produced in 1993 and still works perfectly. We are unable to find more information about the grinder but have been told that parts are no longer The freshest and highest quality bean.available. Our machine has seven different grind levels allowing us to meet the customer’s needs based on their brewing technique, from espresso to percolator.

If you read any article on preparing coffee they will all agree that there are two important factors that are essential to quality coffee. The first is a properly roasted bean and the second is a consistent grind. We stock the highest quality coffee beans that are never ground in advance. This allows for the freshest coffee when you leave our store. The beans come to us from Chicago and we do not have a large back stock, our goal is to provide you with the freshest bean possible.

We know that grinding the bean increases the surface area that comes in contact with the water. Our burr grinder produces a uniform level of grounds making it perfectly suited to any coffee brewing method. Inexpensive home style grinders allow you to grind for each pot of coffee but often use a metal blade that breaks the bean into pieces but generally doesn’t offer a consistent size or pieces. We grind to suit your needs, it is a simple adjustment of the dial and you will have the ideal grind to match your brewing method.

We offer three ways to enjoy our coffee. We have half pound bags as well as one pound bags. Our paper coffee bags are plastic lined to seal in freshness but we suggest transferring the coffee to a sealed container to preserve freshness. We also sell our sample packs that enables you to try any one of our flavors in a single pot size. We also have our coffee club that means you get credit for each bag purchased and after ten bags we give you the same size bag free.

We stock a variety of flavored coffee as well as two coffees with nothing added. Many of the flavors offer as much in aroma as they do in added flavor.

  • Almond Amaretto
    • Smooth Liqueur with almond pieces
  • Breakfast Blend (also in decaffeinated)
    • Smooth medium body, with a little dark roast added
  • Butterscotch Toffee
    • A combination of butterscotch and English toffee
  • Coffee Blend 2.0
    • Medium to heavy bodied with a bursting aroma
  • French Vanilla (also in decaffeinated)
    • Smooth and creamy
  • Highlander Grogg
    • Butterscotch liqueur, caramel, and a hint of hazelnut
  • Jamaican Me Crazy®(also in decaffeinated)
    • Enticing fusion of dark rum imported from Jamaica and authentic Mexican coffee liqueur
  • Scrunchie Munchie Caramel
    • A sweet sticky, gooey, caramel delight
  • White Christmas
    • Vanilla and hazelnut coated in sweet white chocolate
  • White Russian
    • Coffee liqueur and cream

Davidson's TeaGourmet TeaHarney & Sons Tea

We also stock two lines of tea that offer fun choices in flavors. The Davidson line of tea is 100% organic and we stock decaffeinated as well as regular teas. We also have their line of dessert teas, which in realty have no tea in them. They are a fruit blend that brews up dark like tea but are simply a warm fruit based beverage. This line is great for those that can’t tolerate tea but enjoy a warm beverage. We also stock their mulling spice that can be used with apple cider as well as wine.

We are also stocking the very fine line of Harney & Sons Tea. This line began as a home based business over 30 years ago and soon became internationally known for its line of blended teas to suit even the most discriminating taste. This company is dedicated to not only providing a full range of tea but providing education on tea and its history. We stock a variety of tea in 20-sachet tins as well as their Tag-Along line, which is a small container with a unique lid allowing tea to be carried along to work or other travel.

We continue to add to both lines of tea and depend on customer feedback to bring variety to our offering. We offer sample packs of some of our teas to enable tea drinkers the ability to try before committing to a larger quantity. And although it is not tea we also offer local honey to sweeten your tea.

Hareny & Sons Tag-AlongAll of the Harney teas are presented in a mesh sachet providing an attractive and effective method of brewing the tea. The Harney & Sons website provides so much information about tea and brewing that any serious tea drinker will want to spend some time exploring their Tea 101 page.

Regardless if you choose the Harney tea or the Davidson’s, we suggest that you take the time to properly prepare the tea. For many of us we simply drop a tea bag in the water and pull the bag when the tea darkens the water. This works but may not provide you with the best possible beverage.

Harney's site reminds us of the four important steps in brewing a great cup of tea.

  1. Choose the best quality tea
    • A good pot of tea cannot be made from inferior tea.
  2. Brew with fresh, pure water
    • There is a favorite saying in the tea world: Water is the mother of tea.
  3. Use fresh tea in good condition
    • Tea should be stored in sealed containers away from the light in a cool place
  4. Steep properly, at the right temperature
    • Water temperatures range from 175 degrees to 212
Tea Variety
Water Temp (°)
Steep Time
White Teas175°F3 Minutes
Green Teas175°F1-3 Minutes
Oolong Teas180°- 212°F1-5 Minutes
Black Teas212°F5 Minutes
Herbals212°F5 Minutes
Darjeelings175°F3 Minutes

Chart courtesy of Harney & Sons Teas


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